About This Project



Sebastiani Winery


Wine Production & Storage




This 237K square-foot interior LED lighting upgrade required a crew that specializes in food-production facility retrofits. The project was implemented by IoEnergy pros who are experts at operating in confined spaces and are trained and certified in indoor lift and boom use. Because this facility operates 24/7, it required extensive safety and Covid-19 protocols. Our team, educated in proper construction hygiene for the food production industry and proper lock-out/tag-out procedures for working in constant-operation facilities, completed the lighting upgrade on time, on budget, and without incident.


Because the winery has a retail component and is partially housed in buildings dating back to the early twentieth century, this upgrade also had the added challenge of ensuring that the new LED lighting and controls technology did not take away from the facility’s historic charm. The lighting was selected and positioned to add to the aesthetic appeal, while also delivering modern energy efficiency. Because the majority of these spaces involve climate-controlled wine storage and production, reducing the lighting energy load dramatically reduced the heat load throughout the facility, producing significant additional energy and operational cost savings.


IoEnergy collaborated with channel partner, Redaptive, Inc., to deliver this project with zero client out-of-pocket costs. The retrofit is paid for entirely through energy savings over time, with actual energy savings measured and verified through a proprietary utility-grade, panel-based metering system that produces highly accurate usage and consumption reports. These reports can be utilized to optimize time-of-use billing structures and produce further utility cost savings beyond the direct energy savings.

Project Scope:
  • 237,000 Square-Foot Interior LED Fixture Upgrade
  • ~800 Industrial, Office and Exterior LED Fixtures
  • Completed Between Crush Operations in a Continually Working Wine Making Facility
  • Required 24-Hour/2-Shift Work Schedule to Complete Project in 8 Work Days
  • $79,262 in Annual Energy Savings
  • $12,999 in Annual Maintenance Savings
  • $7,277 Cooler Load Reductions
  • 1.6-Year ROI Payback
  • 377,438 kWh Saved Annually