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Frequent hand washing, wearing masks and maintaining safe social distance are the three overarching recommendations to help combat the spread of Covid-19. While implementing the first two are largely up to the individual, the third – social distancing – is one whose responsibility falls on both the individual and the organizations and businesses where people gather.
Fortunately, occupancy sensor technology is readily available and can help businesses keep track of how many people are in their buildings, as well as providing capacity indicators that can help monitor the flow of traffic in and out of common spaces. 
We’re standing by and ready to help you facilitate a building readiness plan with the long-term, cost-saving benefit of improving building functionality.


People Counting, Heat Mapping, Touchless Entry, and More – Occupancy Sensors Help Maintain Safe Distance for the Well Being of Your Workers and Customers

Helping you conduct business safely with monitoring and sensor technology from our trusted partners:

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Sensors provide the foundation for any solid occupancy monitoring strategy. Tied into ultra-efficiency LED lighting systems, Enlighted uses time-tested, reliable sensor technology that gathers occupancy data. This data can be used in conjunction with applications that help buildings operate safely…during the time of Covid-19 and beyond.


Enlighted Supports the Following Data-Based Applications:

  • Social Distance Monitoring
  • Digital Contact Tracing
  • Occupancy Limits
  • Touchless Entry
  • Points of Contact


Occupancy heat mapping and motion trail intelligence can help building managers plan and update their space utilization strategy for ongoing occupant wellness. Wait Screen
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Providing accurate, scalable people counting, is a real-time, privacy protective counting application that relies on sensors rather than cameras to collect occupancy data. is a Cost-Effective Solution for:

  • Anonymous Occupancy Monitoring
  • Capacity Alerts
  • Multiple Entry Points Monitoring
  • Bi-Directional/Group Movement Monitoring
  • Safe Display Digital Signs & SMS Text Alerts
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