Protecting Employee Health & Peace of Mind

As priorities around building efficiency expand from energy and cost, to include the immediate concerns of space utilization, occupancy measurement and control, safe site entry, and sanitization, we are committed to providing the data-backed solutions that make this transition as painless and affordable as possible.
In these trying times, IoEnergy is helping businesses work safely, efficiently, and affordably with a portfolio of services designed to not only provide building upgrades that protect employee health in light of the Covid-19 pandemic but are also affordable in terms of implementation and maintenance.
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UV Disinfection

Use the proven effectiveness of mobile and/or permanent broad-spectrum UV light modules to rapidly disinfect the spaces where people gather. Perfect for high-risk areas like building entrances, food prep stations, elevators, open floorwork spaces, etc.

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Temperature Check and PPE Mask Compliance Systems

Site-entry temperature screening and mask compliance use proven AI technology and state-of-the-art IR and FLIR skin temperature sensor and data recording.

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Remote Administration

24/7/365 remote monitoring and instant notifications from more than 80 sensor types alert the right people about issues related to occupancy, humidity, temperature, air quality, and more. You own your data with a wide range of storage options from hosted cloud service to on-premise data collection and alerting.

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Enterprise Data and Energy Systems for Commercial Buildings

A building-wide IoT sensor network installed as a retrofit or as part of an LED lighting upgrade enables occupancy heatmaps showing high traffic areas and assists in space planning, signage placement, janitorial instruction, and auditing. Person tracking and geofence alarms can provide alerts and real-time location and contact tracing.

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Enterprise Data, Monitoring and Energy Systems for Industrial Spaces

All of the energy and security benefits of advanced lighting controls uniquely suited for warehouses, factories and other industrial sites. “On-demand,” rather than “all-the-time” energy use dramatically reduces waste and saves money. Sensor-backed, remote alerts reduce the need for onsite inspections, while extendable sensor networks deliver real-time mission-critical information on numerous building systems.

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IoEnergy is Your National Implementation Partner for HVAC and Standalone UV-C Air Sanitization

Attain cleaner air for your buildings and offices with time-tested UV-C air sanitization. Used for decades in buildings including hospitals and laboratories, UV-C air sanitization is proven to disable the microbes responsible for spreading viruses including tuberculosis, measles and Sars-CoV-1.


IoEnergy is nationally positioned and ready to deploy installation teams to your buildings. Whether you need full HVAC UV-C air sanitization or ceiling-installed, room-by-room germicidal air flow cleaners, we can have your building retrofitted quickly and efficiently.

IoT Enabled, Sensor-Backed Solutions for Whatever the Future May Hold

For the past five years, IoEnergy has been helping building owners retrofit their facilities with IoT enabled, sensor-backed upgrades that are designed to future-proof a facility and prepare it for whatever may be coming down the pike. Sensors, most often connected to LED lighting systems, can provide a wealth of data that is useful in ways we are only beginning to understand.


Currently, in terms of Covid-19 mitigation, sensors are critical to the collection of heat mapping data that can be used for the occupancy reorganization, control, and monitoring that is necessary to safely bring people back to work. Coupled with specific wellness measures designed to curtail the spread of illness in the workplace, these sensor-backed solutions can help building owners mitigate and manage this threat, and others that may manifest in the future.

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