IoEnergy Now Offers Temperature Scanners for Building Entry Points as Part of a Comprehensive Covid-19 Action Plan

As Covid-19 continues to disrupt business as usual, building owners are relying on experts like IoEnergy to provide the products and services necessary to make their spaces as safe as possible. We understand the challenges that businesses currently face, and that’s why we have sourced the most capable products available to help our clients operate their buildings safely and efficiently.
We’re standing by and ready to help you move toward business as usual.

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The Turing Body Temperature Scanner

For Fast, Accurate, Touchless Screening

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For high traffic businesses, schools, and events centers, entry point temperature scanning can result in bottlenecks that have the potential to impact profit, keeps workers from starting shifts on time, and contribute to poor visitor experiences. That’s why Turing has developed their hyper efficient body temperature scanner.


The Turing Scanner Keeps the Flow of Traffic into Your Building Moving Safely:
  • FDA Covid-19 Policy Compliant
  • Accurately Scans in 1/10th of a Second
  • Multiple Stand/Mount Options for Any Location
  • +/- 0.5°F Accuracy
  • Touchless Operation
  • Deception Proof
  • No Need to Remove Mask
Turing Body Temperature Interface

The Turing Body Temperature Scanner is a Best-in-Class Solution for High Traffic Entry Points Perfect for:

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Grocery Stores
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Big Box Retailers
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Restaurants and Bars
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Manufacturing Facility Icon
Manufacturing Facilities
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Theme Parks, Fairs and Concert Venues

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IoEnergy Also Provides HVAC UV-C Light Sanitation Implementation

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