About This Project
Covid-19 Safety

IoEnergy Helps Midwest Manufacturing Facility Automate Covid-19 Safety Protocol



Facility Type:

Multi Building Factory


Fremont, Ohio


This multi-building manufacturing facility in Fremont, Ohio was looking to streamline the implementation of their Covid-19 safety policy and came to IoEnergy for help. The existing system involved manual temperature checks and face-mask compliance monitoring at building entrances, in addition to employing people to stand outside of locker room doors to monitor the flow of traffic between shifts.


IoEnergy installed the Turing Shield Temp and Compliance System at building entrances. The system monitors temperatures and face mask compliance, while recording information in its database for automated record keeping.


IoEnergy also installed Density.io people counting technology at the entrance to locker rooms to automate the regulation of traffic flow in and out of those spaces. This technology includes an over-the-door sensor connected to a computer monitor located at the room entrance threshold. The sensor counts people as they go inside and gives a stop or go alert on the monitor depending on the percentage of room utilization. The technology is capable of counting multiple people walking in together and can differentiate between people and animals, such as service dogs.

Project Scope:
  • Installation of Density.io with Safe Display
  • Installation of Turing Shield Temperature and Mask Compliance System
  • Now Meeting Covid-19 Policy Goals Without Paying for Additional Personnel
  • Able to Record and Store Compliance Data for Future Reference, If Necessary
  • Have Tools Necessary to Protect Workplace Health in the Event of Future Pandemic Events