Do You Pay a PG&E Bill for a Building 50K Square Feet or Larger?
Get an Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrade for $0 Out-of-Pocket!

Stop Giving Money Away!

PG&E’s On-Bill Financing Helps Building Owners Pay for Lighting Retrofits with $0 Out-of-Pocket!

IoEnergy can help you tap the money you already spend on electricity costs to modernize your building systems, increase your property values, and improve workplace safety!

The PG&E on-bill financing program provides zero-interest loans of up to $250k for energy-efficient lighting upgrades that are paid back using the energy costs savings associated with the upgrade. Once the loan is repaid, you pocket the savings.

PG&E Bill Payer

Are You a Building Owner, Long-Term Lease Holder or Utility Bill Payer in PG&E's Territory?

You may qualify for on-bill financing, and IoEnergy can help you navigate the application and implementation process.

Utility bills are confusing documents, and it takes expertise to design an energy-efficient lighting upgrade. If you’re unsure about how to take advantage of this program – you’re not alone.

The IoEnergy PG&E Project Implementation Team is dedicated to helping building owners with turn-key, white-glove assistance.

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Free Energy Analysis Report for Qualified Buildings 50K Square Feet or Larger

If your building meets the minimum criteria and falls within PG&E territory, you may qualify for IoEnergy’s free building efficiency site audit and energy analysis report. This report is yours to keep whether or not we collaborate on a PG&E On-Bill Financing lighting efficiency project.

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We are experts at identifying, planning and executing lighting projects that qualify for on-bill financing, including energy savings verifications and materials compliance.

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We take care of every aspect of the PG&E On-Bill Financing application process to make certain that the project complies with all program specifications.

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We perform all technical and clerical aspects of the job, and our customers save on the labor and time associated with project administration and document preparation.

IoEnergy Helped Weaver Lumber Access On-Bill Financing to Pay for Cost-Saving Lighting Upgrades with Zero Out-of-Pocket and They Can Help You Too. Call (831)298-9238 Today!